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    Women's Plus Size aLL aLL Primero Green Denim Jacket, Green, All Online Store
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Buy Trendsetting Plus Size Jackets for Women

Jackets have an intriguing history. Worn traditionally by Indian men, jacket- the hip-length coat - carries historical significance. The trend was introduced by Nehru Ji back in the 1940s. Fondly remembered as Nehru jacket, it was named after Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the coat-like garment became a symbol of high social stature. It was worn during high-end ceremonies by noble class people.

Post-independence, it became a staple in Indian men’s wardrobe. Jacket became a requisite for Indian men’s clothing. It was manufactured mainly using khadi in the past. Nehru jacket went through countless cuts, shapes, and styles through history. The length became shorter, and the couture evolved as a formal piece of clothing for both: men and women. What we see today is a more fitted, crisp, and fashionable version of the older short jacket.

The fabric changed the outlook of the Indian apparel and textile industry. Older jacket made a great transition from just being a staple to a statement piece today. You see people wearing them everywhere from the boardroom to a casual party to weddings. Influenced by modern cultures, patterns, styles, and designs; it has become a staple in contemporary women’s wardrobe too. The fabric has now become a global appeal having gained tremendous popularity.

Jacket is versatile and can be worn in any season. All Online Store brings to you a great variety of trendy plus size jackets. Bring life to any summer or winter outfit with plus size fashion jackets. Jackets are great saviours on days when you don’t feel like dressing up. Donning a jacket over jeans and tee will add the extra glamour to your look, now dress up effortlessly for any occasion with the stylish plus-size jackets.

All Online Store has the best plus size jackets to redefine your wardrobe. Jackets are a great way to put an edgy spin on the traditional saree. Embroidered jacket with saree has become quite a trend among fashion experts. The trend has inspired some great saree draping and layering looks, on and off the runway. Pair your saree with All Online Store big size jackets to set off ripples at any party. Jackets give your conventional saree a stylish twist.

Contemporary jackets are reinventing fashion and comfort. Today, jackets are the part of effortless comfy silhouette. Check out All Online Store XXL women's jackets collection for casual, chic, and high-street fashion. Their latest collection has a jacket for every occasion; whether you need a jacket for formal event or brunch or party, they have got you covered.

Jackets have been a part of great fashion movements in history. Today it has become a must-have fashion piece of fabric for women. Make a statement with All’s exclusive XXXL jackets women collection. Add a dash of style and elegance to your ensemble with a modish jacket. With All Online Store, you can shop from a wide range of plus size trendy jackets online at best prices. Explore the vast variety of jackets, combined with flattering fits, comfort, and style.