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Too good simply awesome collection its nice to be part of aLLs trendy fashion which is exclusively for Plus sized people like me. Cheers!!!

Sumit GiriEvent Manager

The only shop for plus size with lot of option.

Abu baker AnsariLogistic Manager.

When someone told me about aLL 7 years ago, I never thought I will be with this brand forever. It's not just about my size clothes, it's also about the style and variety they have. They always come up with something new and something very fashionable. This brand gives me freedom to wear the latest trends without worrying about going out of style.

Nidhi MathurHousewife

I have been an aLL The plus size store fan for almost 6 years now. I remember the day when I ordered for the first time through your website, I was not sure if I made the right decision or not because of my past experiences from other companies who promised something and delivered something. But when my product was delivered I was amazed with the quality of the clothing that you guys use specially for a big men like me there are handful of brands who can deliver such innovative products in the plus size category. Since then I have been a regular customer. I just want to say thank you not only for having young seeing clothing for bigger men like me but also for the smooth way in which you operate your online/offline operations.

Ashwani SinghIT Consultant

I think now a days I only wear clothes from ALL ....I completely adore your collections and I know that if I buy ALL clothes it will be reasonable prices, very fashionable, and made of good quality. Line it up against other brands... and most important thing is customer satisfaction when it comes to purchase. You have amazing team who is approachable any time for any details ... good going keep it up ...

Mallika AhirraoHR consultant

My first visit to an All Plus outlet was by chance. My Mom & I were window shopping at a mall when we came across a billboard of fashionable garments for the - if I can put it politely - 'pleasingly plump'. The first experience was a revelation. Formals & informals, trendy & casuals available aplenty in plus sizes was like coming across a treasure trove. And I have been a regular since then. You have made the 'Full Figure Fashion' a unique expression

Dr. Abhijit ChauchnAcademician & Blogger

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