At aLL, we know fashion is about flaunting yourself with confidence, no matter who you are. Launched in 2005, we are a dedicated plus-size clothing category that houses everything from western to ethnic wear and accessories that make you look sexy, cool and confident.

FASHION IS FOR ONE AND aLL Fashion isn't limited to the size zeroes of the world. Everyone has a body type that is flaunt worthy, if accentuated well to bring out their best. And this is possible only with the right fit and the right accessories.

Changing the game for aLL the plus-size fashionistas out there, it's time to toss out those baggy outfits and make way for some well-fitting casuals, ethnics and formals that will let you flaunt your style and your curves better.

FIND US ALL OVER INDIA Tired of wading through clothes to find your size? Meet your dream fit at any of our 41 stand alone stores located in 14 cities across india. You will also find our line of clothing at Central stores near you.